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MISSION: Pars Intermodal Inc. is a Freight Forwarding Company that has established its title by providing the best service possible and continuously striving towards customer satisfaction.

Pars Intermodal Inc. is a family based freight forwarding company located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada since 2006. We are a company that organizes shipments for commercial goods and/or personal effects internationally.  We provide reliability, quality service and a professional attitude, all at competitive prices.  Pars Intermodal Inc. develops comprehensive service plans tailored to meet your specific requirements, thus ensuring that we will provide you with quality service more consistently than any other company.

We provide shipping services by ocean and land making arrangements with trusted carriers to assure your goods are securely transported to or from their destination.

Our company takes care of all the documentation requirements related to your shipment. We strive for extreme customer satisfaction and always do our follow-ups on each and every single shipment.

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